I was in the military from 79-81 was lucky enough to fly a Braniff red eye flight out of St Louis to Hartford or providence. I was tired the flight attendant a beautiful woman took me to the empty back of the plane brought me a blanket and tucked me in. The ladies of braniff did a playboy spread around that time,I wish I would have gotten that flight attendants name. Say hello if you remember this. Long shot I know, but I will never forget. One of my best Military experiences. dlef49@gmail.com

Donald Lefevre - Moosup, CT

Trying to locate Braniff stewardess Gwen Wenzel and Sheri Logan who flew into Honolulu in early '70s. Hope someone can help. I was a friend of the ladies and would enjoy making contact with them again. Thank you. Amjkrieger@aol.com

Art - Australia

Worked at Braniff from 1968 - 1972 at Chicago O'hare with Doug McCrae. and Stapleton, Denver

Tim Kilbride - Portland, OR

I remember this airline when I was growing up. This one should be brought back.

Michael C - Atlanta, GA

Im not even sure people are still reading these posts. I just discovered it.
if so , does any one have a graduation list for 1979. I flew 79-81, based out of Dallas. Also looking for friend I lost touch with , Luann or Leann from Tyler Texas. Shes prob married now but I cannot recall her last name. I have a couple of pics up on FB with a crew I flew with. Pls email me or FB me if u remmeber me. Thx!!!! skalani73@aol.com

Tara Senieur (Burgess) - New Mexico

Director of operations Mexico D.F Comments : It has been 40 years and I can not believe it that I saw many pictures again that did bring me back on time.

Jose Juan Rivera - Mxico City, Mexico

Phil Jensen - in the Smithsonian...NO surprise! JFK peeps were the best! Miss the flying colors. Anyone know the whereabouts of Randy Randolph - my old roommate from 1977 to 1979? (female) darieger@aol.com

Debbie (Kynast) Rieger - Matthews, NC

I'm the son of W.R. Smith, Dispatcher for Braniff for 30 some odd years. Just wanna say "Hi".

Seoul, Korea