I went to Braniff Educations System in 1973 and trying to conatct my teacher I had in reservations. If any one knows what happened to Royal Smith in Dallas, please let me know.


My grandfather Julio Pineda was a Maintenance Supervisor for BI, that I remember is that this airline was a great place to work, so far long way different that how the business is been move forward. The cordiality and respect for each other, the friendship...I still can see me with the red color hard hat with BI logo on it... I can remember some names Mr. Vargas..Lucio, Mr. Yep all from LIM station in Peru....my grandpa will be in my heart forever..

Guillermo J. Pineda - Virginia

Braniff was my first job, I started in 1973. From day one I felt like part of a family. On my first day, I was told we had a lot of bags and freight to load ,so they send me to few a airlines to borrow a bin stretcher After the 3rd stop I realized the joke was on me....I loved those guys.

Walter Roberts III - Seattle, WA

My stepmother is the woman on the cover of the Braniff International inflight magazine for vol4 #3 and the same picture was used on a ticket Jacket as well. Her name was Olga DeLa Vega and she was based out of New Orleans. She even went by Candace as well. She flew from late 60s to the 80s. She had a great friend named Mercedes as well that was also a stewardess. Braniff was gret to fly as a kid. I remember going up to the cockpit all the time. Please if someone has a copy of this magazine or ticket jacket or the Jim beam bottle , I would be glad to purchase it. Mallard110@hotmail.com

Pierre Laudumiey - New Orleans, LA

I once knew Senior Braniff Captain Robert "Bob" Cox. He was given the opportunity to either fly The B747 or be the Concord Captain. He started on the DC-3.

Pat - North Florida

Hi I was a baggage handler in Newark for Braniff. Worked for Braniff from 1973 to 1981

Larry Dellavalle - Stanten Island, NY

I flew on Braniff a few times when I was in the Air Force from 1961 - 1964. It was, without a doubt, the finest airline at that time. Wish it was still flying the skies. Often think of what happened to Braniff and that'a how I happened onto this site.

Gregg Brooks - Newington, CT