Carlos Yudica

This site is a tribute to this long gone but never forgotten airline by Carlos Yudica, an award winning graphic artist and photographer born in Chile.
Carlos always dreamed of becoming part of the team at the Braniff marketing department. Ever since he was a little boy he would ask his father to take him to work so he could stand by the windows at the Braniff office. (His father's office was almost next door to Braniff's in downtown Santiago.) Carlos would spend hours looking at the big airplane models, posters and the paintings on the walls, being drawn into their color schemes. As he grew up, he made friends with several Braniff employees, and started to collect all kinds of printed materials and souvenirs. Carlos was heartbroken when Braniff went under in 1982 because his Braniff future vanished before it started. A student at the time of the bankruptcy, his love of Braniff led him to the airline industry after graduation. His favorite years of Braniff were from 1965 until the end. Carlos now resides in Chicago and can be reached via his site or his email at

Everything and anything Braniff
are my favorites. My attraction to Braniff started as a child, and it continues to influence my life. Enjoy the site!