El Clan Braniff Mustang
Courtesy of Rodrigo Aranda

This is rare photo (circa 1967) of a mustang race car with “Clan Braniff” painted on it parked under the left wing of a DC-8 at SCL airport. (at that time it was called aeropuerto de Pudahuel). Behind the car you can see part of the SCL maintenance Team. The two guys with captains caps are Omar Aranda, maintenance manager (the one of the right) and Pedro Barra, at that time maintenance supervisor (nowadays he is maintenance manager of AA at SCL)


In the photograph below (circa 1978-79), Omar Aranda Jr. and Rodrigo Aranda appear stepping a Ground Support Equipment Escalator next to a Braniff DC-8 parked at SCL.


In the photograph below in November 1970, Susy (Susana) Oliva with her parents and two brothers when she was only six years old traveling to Australia from Santiago.